ARTISTRY IN MOTION is the Premier Performing Arts Center for Johnston County

It is our goal at A.I.M. to give our students a different dance experience without having to travel outside of the county.


We aim to give our students as much exposure as possible to the wide realm of dance and performing arts that exist.

Mission Statement

“ to give children and adults the opportunity to further their knowledge, skill, technique, and creativity through dance or other performing arts.

Our Philosophy

To help our students to first find the enjoyment in dance itself, learn and critique the appropriate technique,  and then to combine these elements into formulating each student's own individualistic dance style.  "A great dancer is not only great because of her technique; she is great because of her passion."

We strive to keep our parents involved with our children's dance classes. We feel that it is important for our parents to stay connected with what we're doing in class. With this in mind, our studio is equipped with a two-way designed mirror so that parents will be able to observe their child's progress without disturbing the concentration of our students. Parents are invited to observe class at any time! Also, come check us out on Facebook for more up to date news on our studio!


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Artistry in Motion is the Premier Performing Arts Center for Johnston County
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